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Library Occupancy Stats based on data from entryway cameras. Earliest data available: 2014-09-24. Updated at 3am daily for previous day.

Get Occupancy Data: --
OR, Get Fiscal Quarter Occupancy Data:   AUT FY2015     WIN FY2015     SPR FY2015     SUM FY2015     AUT FY2016     WIN FY2016     SPR FY2016     SUM FY2016     AUT FY2017     WIN FY2017     SPR FY2017     SUM FY2017     AUT FY2018     WIN FY2018     SPR FY2018     SUM FY2018     AUT FY2019     WIN FY2019     SPR FY2019     SUM FY2019     AUT FY2020     WIN FY2020     SPR FY2020     SUM FY2020    

Mouse-over lines on graph for data-point info.
Entering and Exiting show the avg accumulated count during the hour.
Occupancy is the avg count at the end(hh:55) of the hour.

Hourly Occupancy Avg 2020-06-22 / 2020-08-14
Entering and Exiting show the count during the hour
Occupancy is the count at the end(hh:55) of the hour