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Sittner Hall

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A Sittner resident shows us his room. [3598 views] A student studying in his "Very Clean"  dorm room. [2853 views] A Sittner hallway during move-in or move-out. [2978 views] A young man vacuuming inside the Sittner Hall lobby. [2934 views] Male students sun themselves against an outside wall of Sittner Hall. [3152 views] A Sittner resident checks his mail. [2882 views] A student reading the newspaper in Sittner lobby. [2668 views] Front desk of Sittner Hall. [2995 views] Two people walking down one of the floors in Sittner Hall. [2734 views] Vacuuming the carpet in Sittner Hall? [2814 views] The front of Sittner Hall, the men Sittner Hall from the northeast [2662 views] The entrance to Sittner Hall. [2543 views] The construction of Sittner Hall with the baseball field in the background [2721 views] The back stairs of Sittner Hall. [2639 views] Sittner Hall. [2470 views] Sittner Hall. [2818 views] An elevated view of Sittner Hall. [2872 views] Daffodils by Sittner Hall. [2504 views] Sittner Hall. [2431 views] The rear stairs on Sittner Hall. [2608 views] Sittner Courtyard in the Spring [2389 views] Sittner Courtyard in April [2394 views] Sittner Courtyard in Spring [2503 views] Sittner Courtyard, holding sign that says "Dale Court."  Spring [2387 views] Jumping rope in the weight room. [1905 views] Jumping rope in the Fitness Center in Sittner [1903 views] Two guys lifting and spotting weights in the fitness center in Sittner Hall [1909 views] An arm workout in the Fitness Factory in Sittner Hall [1964 views] Pushing the limits when weight lifting in the Fitness Center [1883 views]
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